Meet Kelly

I truly love everything about floral design. It is such a passion of mine to work with pure organic materials and to be a part of creating pieces of natural art for people. I think my favorite thing about my job is seeing the a client’s face light up when I hand them my work, like a bride receiving her first personal bouquet. ¬†Weddings are the happiest moment that two people who love each other share, and I get to be apart making a coupes big day memorable and beautiful all year round. In my opinion, I couldn’t ask for a better job.

I have always had a green thumb; gardening, and working with plants and flowers, have always brought joy to my life and made me feel at peace. I put my passion and inspiration into all of my work. My viewpoint is that I am singing my name on every bouquet and arrangement I make because the work that I put forth is a personal, creative expression of art.

– Kelly Stephens

Peace, Love & Flowers